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Property Management Services Boise

Residential Property Management In Boise

  • Full service property management
  • Licensed real estate broker
  • Premium tenant screening
  • Competitive fee structure
  • Investment management experience
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If you are looking for a property management company to manage and care for your property there are a few important things you should know. Unlike many states, Idaho does not license or regulate property management companies so you need to be especially cautious when selecting a property management company to care for your property.

We offer the following Property Management Services:

Get Rent Proceeds Fast – We pay by the 10th business day of the month and you have the option to have your funds directly deposited into your bank account.

Response Times – We have a firm rule that we will always be available for our customers (clients and tenants) when they need us. We strive to ALWAYS answer our phones and quickly respond to emails. If we are unable to answer a call (because we are assisting someone or briefly stepped away) you can be assured that we WILL call you back right away.

Communication – One reason to hire a professional property management company is so that we can handle those “calls in the middle of the night” from a tenant that needs help. Minor repairs are handled quickly and efficiently as possible and an email is sent to the property owner to alert them that a repair was made. If there is a major repair necessary, you will be notified so we can offer you options and inform you of the repairs that are necessary. All repairs and maintenance issues are itemized on the monthly property operating statement and there are never any “surprises”.

Tenant Screening – All rental applications are thoroughly screened before a tenant is approved to lease any of the properties we manage. We personally conduct (In House) an in depth criminal background check, sexual predator screening, a full detailed credit report, employment and income verification. We review rental history and call landlord references as well as personal references. Review our Rental Lease Policies.

Management Fees – We provide FULL SERVICE Property Management which includes the premier services listed above. We charge 10% of the Gross Rents (furnished property) and 8% (unfurnished) collected on your property each month. We do not charge any set up fees to manage your property.

Maintenance – We have experienced and qualified vendors to handle any maintenance or repair that may be needed at prices that keep our property owners pleased.

Evictions – If you have a bad tenant in your property and you want them out, we have the tools and experience to have them LEGALLY removed from your property quickly and efficiently. In Idaho, a non-paying tenant can be EVICTED from a property in as little as two weeks. Once your bad tenant is out, we can have your property cleaned up and place a new, GOOD paying tenant in your property to get your cash flow moving in the right direction!

Property Turn Over – Do you have a property that you want to lease out but it needs some work to make it ready? We have all the connections to make a property RENT READY and inexpensive as possible. We get it done right and we get it done. Fast.

Inspections – We conduct a drive by inspection of your property a minimum of once every two months. When a drive by is conducted, a photo is taken of the property and any concerns are documented. If there are concerns with the exterior of the property, an internal inspection of the property is scheduled with the tenant.  Our clients KNOW the exact condition of their property because inspections are TRULY being conducted and documented.

Tenant Finder Service – If you are self-managing your property but you would like to take advantage of our premier tenant screening process, we provide a full service tenant finder product where we advertise, find the tenant, screen them and then sign a lease on behalf of the Landlord (owner). We can also run applications for prospective tenants that apply using our downloadable tenant application.